Legal Fees

JRK Enterprises LLC – Attorney Jon Riki Karamatsu

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Legal & Business Broker Fees – As of 6/15/2022 (subject to change)

In addition to the legal fees set forth below, client is responsible for paying for all taxes, filing fees, and expenses.

Business Start-Up Agreements

  • Draft LLC Operating Agreement: Multimember – $1,850
  • Draft LLC Operating Agreement: Single Member – $850
  • Draft General Partnership, Limited Partnership, or Limited Liability Partnership – $1,500
  • Draft Shareholder Agreement – $1,850
  • Draft Bylaws – $1,500

Business Agreements

  • Review Agreement with written comments – $60/page
  • Draft Letter of Intent or LOI – $750
  • Draft Memorandum of Understanding or MOU – $1,500
  • Draft Management Service Agreement – $1,500
  • Draft Fulfillment Service Agreement – $1,500
  • Draft Promissory Note and Security Agreement – $1,850
  • Draft Non-Competition Agreement – $750
  • Draft Independent Contractor Agreement – $950
  • Draft Print Art (drawing, graphic design, & photography) License Agreement – $950
  • Draft Technology License Agreement – $1,800 to $5,000
  • Other Contract Drafting – $850 to $5,000

Intellectual Property

  • Draft Non-Disclosure Agreement – $750
  • Trademark Application – $1,500 each mark
  • Trademark Assignment – $750 each mark
  • Copyright Application – $1,000 each item

Real Estate

  • Review Real Estate Agreement with written comments – $60/page
  • Draft lease – $2,000 (more than 15 pages will cost additional $75/page)

Real Estate Sales (attorney Jon Riki Karamatsu is a Hawaii licensed realtor) 

  • 3% commission on sale that is split with Realtor Jon Riki Karamatsu and his real estate broker Home Luxe Peter Nicado Group. Note: If another realtor is involved, another 3% commission will be paid to that realtor and his or her realtor broker.

Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Business Broker Fee of 8% to 15% commission on sale (depends on complexity of the deal). As a business broker I connect the buyer and seller, analyze the financials, and connect people needed to make the deal happen, and logistics with my business partner Mihye Cortese who can help a lot with logistics and interpreting for Korean speakers. We have partners who can speak Japanese and Chinese.
  • Legal Fee at $250/hour to $350/hour (depends on complexity of the deal). As an attorney, I will analyze the legal structure, draft the agreements, and other legal analysis to move the deal forward through the due diligence phase and execute it.
  • Real estate sales under an asset purchase agreement using a business entity can reduce tax liability.

Consulting Fee for Real Estate Sales; & Mergers & Acquisitions

If you or your company can provide an owner interested in selling his/her business or property or who have an investor interested in buying businesses or properties, please contact Jon Riki Karamatsu of JRK Enterprises LLC. The company has off-market listings for the sale of businesses and real estate. Payments of fees can be worked out.

Email Jon Riki Karamatsu at for more information.