JRK Enterprises LLC is involved with mergers and acquisitions, business investments, E-2 business investments, EB-5 business investments, and real estate investments.

JRK Enterprises LLC provides services in business law by reviewing, drafting, and/or negotiating business agreements and documents such as but not limited to operating agreements, shareholders agreements, by-laws, partnership agreements, letters of interest, letters of intent, nondisclosure agreements (NDA), non-circumvent agreements, noncompete agreements, memorandums of understanding (MOU), business proposals, business counteroffers, capital agreements, investment agreements, admission agreements, subscription agreements, asset purchase agreements, stock purchase agreements, promissory notes, commercial leases, consulting agreements, independent contractor agreements, event agreements, promoting agreements, art/logo design agreements, licensing agreements, U.S. copyrights, and U.S. trademarks.

JRK Enterprises LLC also provides service in government affairs for companies that need legislation, special purpose revenue bonds, and/or government leases, permits, incentives, and/or relations.

Moreover, the company provides Internet marketing through content on social media and blogs.

In the past, the JRK Enterprises LLC has provided legal, government affairs, Internet marketing, and business development services for companies in the following business areas: e-commerce, apparel, fashion, toys, business consulting, life coaching, beauty care, concerts, night club, restaurant, real estate, ground transportation, aviation, energy, and construction.

Lastly, the company is a minority holding company for start-ups it is developing in areas such as EB-5 investments, senior assisted living, energy, and federal contracts. In the past it was a minority holding company in entities involved with aviation and music events.