Attorney, Realtor, & Businessman Jon Riki Karamatsu

Business Law, Government Affairs, Internet Marketing, & Business Development
Attorney, Realtor, & Businessman Jon Riki Karamatsu


Welcome to JRK Enterprises LLC, a business law, acquisitions, government affairs, and Internet marketing company based in Hawaii that provides services in consideration for payment, commission, or equity in the business entity. My passion is building and expanding businesses that provide great value for others and our environment.

JRK Enterprises LLC provides services in business law by reviewing, drafting, and/or negotiating business agreements and documents such as but not limited to operating agreements, shareholders agreements, by-laws, partnership agreements, letters of interest, letters of intent, nondisclosure agreements (NDA), non-circumvent agreements, noncompete agreements, memorandums of understanding (MOU), business proposals, business counteroffers, capital agreements, investment agreements, admission agreements, subscription agreements, asset purchase agreements, stock purchase agreements, promissory notes, commercial leases, consulting agreements, independent contractor agreements, event agreements, promoting agreements, art/logo design agreements, licensing agreements, U.S. copyrights, and U.S. trademarks.

Interested in investing? Acquisitions and investments in businesses and real estate is my passion.

Are you a foreign investor interested in investing in companies in Hawaii, United States of America with a cause that is aligned with your values? JRK Enterprises provides services for E-2 Treaty Investors (renewable 2-year stays) who invests in a bonafide enterprise in the United States by showing at least 50% ownership of the enterprise or possession of operational control through a managerial position or other corporate device and EB-5 Investors (green card for entire family) who invests $1.8 million U.S. dollars (high employment area) or $900K U.S. dollars (targeted employment area: a rural area or An area that has experienced high unemployment, which is defined as at least 150% of the national average unemployment rate). The company has Korean and Japanese interpreters available.

JRK Enterprises LLC will be developing an EB-5 Regional Center as soon as the new federal laws and guidance by the USCIS is ready. It is already working on developing operational companies in health and senior housing.

JRK Enterprises LLC also provides service in government affairs for companies that need legislation, special purpose revenue bonds, and/or government leases, permits, incentives, and/or relations.

Moreover, the company provides Internet marketing through content on social media and blogs.

JRK Enterprises LLC has contracted consultants in accounting, finance, and Korean and Japanese interpretation.

In the past, the company has provided legal, government affairs, Internet marketing, and business development services for companies in the following business areas: e-commerce, apparel, fashion, toys, business consulting, life coaching, beauty care, concerts, night club, restaurant, real estate, ground transportation, aviation, energy, and construction.

JRK Enterprises LLC is a minority holding company for start-ups it is developing in areas such as business and real estate investments, EB-5 investments, senior assisted living, energy, and federal contracts. In the past, it was a part-owner in aviation and music concert companies.

I have been an attorney since 2001, entrepreneur since 2002, and realtor since 2022. Some of my past experiences include serving in the Hawaii State House of Representatives for 8 years; owning an Internet retail business for 10 years; producing political, cultural, and music events for 15 years; and serving 4.5 years as Legislative Liaison and Deputy Prosecuting Attorney in the Department of the Prosecuting Attorney, City and County of Honolulu. I am the sole member of JRK Enterprises LLC. I work from my home office and meet with clients and business partners at shared offices and coffee shops in Oahu, Hawaii or online via Zoom.

With Warmest Aloha,

Jon Riki Karamatsu

President, Attorney, & Realtor